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Thank you

A big thank you and very honest love note from me to you (from my bed): allow me to get a little sentimental. (*Trigger warning.*) I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but the final show of my Aurora album launch tour in Melbourne on Sunday was the final headline show for me and my band this year. It was really special, and a big relief. 

If you came to one of my live shows this year, you helped me more than you know. Playing for you, and playing with my new bandmates, helped me learn how to feel again, and how to express feeling without collapsing into a puddly mess. 

In the last week of December 2013, I was happily 4 months pregnant. In the first week of January 2014, I was in surgery because our baby wasn’t going to make it. Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe it. She was far and beyond an abstract idea. I had felt Aurora moving inside me. (And this was the second time this had happened. I lost our first baby one week before the launch tour for my first record.) 

February onwards, I was completely focused on finishing my new record and getting it out into the world (my other baby). I put my all into it. Except I couldn’t play music. It hurt too much to feel. I didn’t manage my first show back until June. It was exquisitely painful. 

There’s no faking emotion on stage, you actually have to feel something. I’d been coping day to day by ignoring and squashing it. Sometimes, usually when I was driving alone in the car, thank goodness, but sometimes in less convenient places, like High St in Northcote, I’d start sobbing uncontrollably. It still happens, but now it’s once every month or so, rather than several times a week. 

Why am I sharing this? 

I want you to know how much you’ve helped me survive this year so far. Yes, survive it. Because I don’t know that I would have done without you. Knowing how excited you were to hear the record, to come to the shows, helped me push through when all I wanted to do was hide and disappear.

Why didn’t I share this earlier? 

I didn’t want the record release and tour to be overshadowed by the story (“have you heard Rose Wintergreen’s new record yet?” “Oh, you mean the chic who lost a baby and used it to guilt people to come to her shows?”).

What now?

Lots more writing. Some quiet time. Hopefully some fun times singing for other people’s projects.

Thank you, dear hearts. I feel very blessed. 


PS If you or a dear friend/family member has lost a baby, I highly recommend this wonderful book, I found it very helpful

PPS If you haven’t heard “Aurora” yet, you can listen/buy here: Bandcamp:

PPPS If you’re enjoying “Aurora”, please help me by sharing the above links.

PPPPS Did you get pics/video at one of my shows? I’d love to see them! Email me at rosewintergreen(at)gmail(dot)com


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Final show for 2014

Aurora Album Launch, Melbourne

Full band show! We’re taking a hiatus after this show, so this may be your last chance *ever* to see us play together in our current configuration - Jessica Beveridge on keys and backing vox, Shu Shu Zheng and Karen De Silva on backing vox, and Yani Glynn-Hirsig on lead guitar. Oh yeah, and me, of course!

Stoked to have the delightful Zikora opening for us, in their full glory (full band) too! They captivate audiences with their stories, lacing melodies with solid grooves, Afro beats and wicked harmonies to keep you smiling and dancing and nodding your head in agreement.

Come help me and my lovely Melbourne band celebrate what’s been an epic year! 

Sunday 5th October

The Toff In Town 

With special guest, Zikora

Level 2, Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC


Ticket options:

$10 + BF / $30.00 + BF (includes signed mini-album ‘Aurora’ + signed poster) / $15.00 on the door


*Careful now! This will be the first day of daylight savings.

Photo by 

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Aurora album launch tour announced!


It is with great pleasure that I announce to you my “Aurora” album launch tour dates! 

Saturday 13 September, 2014


The Treehouse on Belongil

With special guest, Shelly Hughes

25 Childe St, Byron Bay NSW 

7.30pm, Free entry 


Sunday 21 September, 2014


The Southside Tea Room

With special guest, YOUTHFIRE

639 Wynnum Rd, Morningside 

3pm, $5 at the door


Sunday 5 October, 2014


The Toff In Town 

With special guest, Zikora

Level 2, Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC


Ticket options:

$10 + BF / $30.00 + BF (includes signed mini-album ‘Aurora’ + signed poster) / $15.00 on the door



Want to prepare your ears? You can access a free full album stream over here.  

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New mini-album, “Aurora”, out now


Thrilled to announce that “Aurora” is released into the world! have exclusively premiered a full stream here:

Where you can buy it 

CD/download via Bandcamp:


If you enjoy it, please help me to get the word out by sharing this post! I am entirely independent and self-managed.

Your support makes a huge difference! 

What people are saying

"Sparklingly atmospheric tunes."

"Rose Wintergreen creates beautiful songs, straddling the electronic and folk worlds simultaneously (not an easy feat)… "Aurora" is a collection of songs worthy of a considered listen." David Bridie 

"Atmospheric – almost otherworldly. Wintergreen’s vocals are strong and vulnerable."  Kellie Comer, Cargo Art Magazine

It’s already getting radio play on Double JTriple JABCPBS, and lots of other stations! (If you hear someone play it, please let me know - I try to personally thank radio announcers when they do.)


Aurora tour dates

I can’t quite officially announce the tour yet… but it’s getting close, will be Sep/Oct, so I thought I’d warn you!

Join my email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the announcement! This is the link:

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Physical CD preorders of Aurora now available

Excited to announce that you can now preorder a phsyical copy (CD) of “Aurora”!

It comes in a beautifully designed wallet with enclosed lyric booklet. Lyrics to ALL THE SONGS. You will also receive an IMMEDIATE digital download of three tracks right now, and a digital download of the entire record on 28 August 2014.

It features stunning cover art designed by myself and Lachlan John Illustration



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Album preorders now available


Very proud to announce that my new mini-album “Aurora” is now available for preorder on iTunes! 

Order now for just USD $3.99 / AUD $6.99*, (it will be more like USD $10.99 from official release date, which is 28 August). Because I’m generous like that. 

Preorder here:

Cover art by Lachlan John Illustration & Design. Using visible light image: the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

*If you’re confused about the pricing difference between currencies, join the club. I’ve had a frustrating time trying to clarify why it’s so much more for people buying from Australia. It’s apparently partly due to exchange rates, and partly due to pricing rules. The long and short of it is, it doesn’t seem to make sense and they won’t allow me to change it. Very sorry.

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The unhelpful voice


I have a voice in my head. She says “what the hell are you doing? You’re not a real musician. You’re not good enough. Why would anyone want to know about you playing shows, releasing a new record? You should stop embarrassing yourself and just stop.”

I’m so proud of my new record and I try not to let this voice high jack my ability to share the music, to share it with people who need it. But goddamn it can be hard. I think that voice is always there for most people (including artists), but we don’t really talk about it publicly. And sometimes it’s louder and more insistent than others. I’ve realised mine is always louder when I’m about to do something scary, like play new songs on tour, and trying to get the word out to media (I do all my own publicity, I have noone helping me). So, day to day life is pretty full on right now. Highs and lows.

I just got a text message from my mum saying that her friend, who describes herself as not being really into music, spent some time with her brother over the weekend. Her brother played her a song called "This City", by some artist they’d never heard of before, because he loved it. She loved it too, and couldn’t wait to share it with my mum. She had no idea that the artist she was raving about to my mum was me. Thank you universe. And thank you, mum, for telling me.

If you have stories like this, please reach out and tell me. I love hearing from you. You help me to be brave.

And if your voice is bullying you today, try not to listen and keep doing what you love anyway. We need you. x

Image: artwork by Leunig 



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"This City" single release and tour


 “An amazing upcoming singer-songwriter. A gorgeous voice.”  Clare Bowditch

Enigmatic award-winning solo artist Rose Wintergreen launches This City—the highly anticipated second single from her forthcoming mini-album Aurora—with a series of shows in July/August.

This City is a lush production of soaring vocals, rich textures, sultry emotion and driving rhythms — torn between melancholia and euphoria. It portrays a woman’s struggle to stay true to herself and preserve her sanity while dealing with immense grief amidst the cold impersonality of a big city.

Wintergreen plays launch shows in:

  • Ararat, at The Ararat Hotel on Thursday 17th July with Al Parkinson.
  • Adelaide, at The Grace Emily Hotel on Sunday 20th July with Brillig (double single launch).
  • Melbourne, at The Toff In Town on Wednesday 23rd July with Sweets and AViVAA. Tickets:
  • Brisbane, at The Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday 3rd August with Cypher.

The first single from AuroraFeet in the Sand (2013), won Wintergreen a trove of accolades including Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Music Awards (electronica category), and finalist in the prestigious Vanda and Young Songwriting Award. It featured widespread play, including by Triple J, Radio National, RAGE and numerous community radio stations.

Produced by award-winning Alice Springs artist and producer Dave Crowe, Aurora will showcase an eclectic array of material refined in collaboration with some of Australia’s finest songwriters, including Charles Jenkins, Angie Hart, Jen Cloher, Clare Bowditch and Mick Thomas.

This City is out now and available for free download for a limited time via

Media Inquiries: (print res photos available).

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New single out 28 June 2014


Very excited to announce that I’ll be releasing This City, the highly anticipated second single from my forthcoming mini-album Aurora, on 28 June 2014!

The first single from Aurora, Feet in the Sand (2013), won me Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Music Awards (electronica category), and finalist in the prestigious Vanda and Young Songwriting Award, and was played by Triple J, Radio National, RAGE and numerous community radio stations. Most importantly, it seemed to touch people.    

Hopefully you will love this new track just as much! Can’t wait to share it with you!

It will be available on my website,, on 28 June 2014.  

(Picture in the cover art courtesy of Taylored Productions.)